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Love how all the POC look 1000% done with this shit.

Now this is going on YouTube and you look like an ass!


I love the tweets Mark Ruffalo decides to respond to (x)


I love the tweets Mark Ruffalo decides to respond to (x)



does your signature just like happen to you once you adult

So fun fact, one time when I was in the hospital I was on the same floor as a judge.  I asked him what people who can’t write sign for their signature, and he told me that it doesn’t matter what you write what matters is the intent that you are consenting to what you are signing.  You could draw a little picture of a dick and it would still be a legal signature


I’d like to see Andrew Garfield as an extra in the background of a scene in Avengers 2. No talking. No focus on him. Just him in the background taking pictures.





Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry, another post on your dashboard about this whole DashCon thing.

I have no investment in DashCon. I have no opinion on DashCon. But yo, can we stop with the responses along this vein? Can we stop this tendency to be like, “You used money on [a thing]? But there are [insert names of charities, worthy causes, etc.] to donate to!”

This is a really troubling attitude not just in this situation, but in the world at large. It really, really bothers me that some people might look at something I buy — a pair of shoes, for instance, when I already have a pair of shoes I *could* wear — and say, “What the fuck are you doing, not giving that shoe-money to charity? You selfish, mis-prioritizing person.”

17 thousand dollars given to DashCon? Guys, first of all, let’s zoom out a bit. Last year, 335 billion dollars were given to charity (in the US alone!!). I might understand if this was, like, a million dollars, but this? This isn’t even a fraction of a fraction of a drop in a bucket. On top of that, Tumblr has given thousands and thousands of dollars to things you might find ‘worthy.’ (This is the one that comes to mind, weirdly, although I see more-charity-related posts on my dash like every other week.)

The lists and lists of things people are posting “that you could do” with 17 thousand dollars? Why the heck are those lists happening? I didn’t see any of those sorts of posts in the wake of people Kickstarting some dude’s $50,000 potato salad.

Every single one of us COULD donate our savings to charity right the fuck now. But you could also spend, say, $75 to treat yourself and a friend to a nice dinner. You could spend $100 on upgrading your phone. Nobody is subjecting your priorities to public scrutiny, and I think it is just so shitty that people are subjecting the people at this con to umbrella condemnation.

Here’s a much more personal essay that explains more vividly why this seemingly charitable attitude is utterly misguided and misplaced.

okay but the difference is that the charitable donations given by the us can range from anywhere to funds for a school dance to thousands of dollars towards national public radio. chances are, the people on tumblr asking for money aren’t affiliated with a huge organization. many of them are asking for financial aid to be able to feed everyone in their family or to save a rescue dog or to pay for surgery for whatever reason. it’s not that we want everyone to give everything they have, but if you’re going to give, maybe reconsider what’s more important- the chance for fandoms to piss over British cheekbone aldnslsdkadjs in the flesh, or the actual survival of someone on this website.

just going to reiterate that the donators were real physical human beings all in a room together, who were physically asked by physically present human beings to donate $17,000, and that there were no other people with other needs addressing said room asking for donations, especially not in order to deal with an immediate and current situation that impacted the donators’ enjoyment of their weekend.

they were already at the location and if they had not given, they would have spent hotel money on nothing.

that said, yet again, this is an example of the false dilemma. it’s not one or the other, dashcon or the people on tumblr trying to save their dog. to suggest this is absurd. there are a million places that money could’ve gone in the lives of the people who freely and willingly, out of their own free will, their own will, which is free, gave their money. but they instead made the choice to ensure the con they were already attending would occur. and that is 100% their prerogative, and the concept that it is *not* their prerogative is still utterly unpalatable to me.

as a side note, the widespread disdain I’ve seen for the con events is incredibly distasteful. it’s something dangerously close to a strawman, phrasing it like “skfjdjcj cheekbones OR save a starving child.” false. dilemma.

I am fully aware that those attending the con were already there when the problem was presented but I still do think it’s alarming that so many others online and not physically present contributed to a cause without skepticism. That being said, it’s also interesting to just know that a convention was saved in less than two hours with the help of only tumblr users. What made the people on this website feel the need to rush in with their donations? As opposed to when any one else asks for money (for surgery or even to make a potato salad) ? Yes, the bookings and flights and plans were made but if that 17k wasn’t raised in time, their ruined plans should not be blamed on the kids who didn’t give money. All responsibility points back to the con staff. Had they been more organized and prepared, none of it would have happened.


Please tell me I am not the only person who imagines Tamika Flynn to look like Lavender from Matilda



Look at those goddamn glasses and those cute little braids.

That is 100% the face of a librarian-killing master of reading comprehension skills.

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